Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why You Should Join LTB With Me

I am offering a tremendous incentive to everyone that I sponsor into LeadToolBox.  I have been in the travel business for the last 10 years and provide vacation incentives to many businesses to help them promote their business.  For everyone who comes in with me at the $40 per month level or above will receive the following vacation certificates customized for their LeadToolBox affiliate site where they can give unlimited certificates out to get people to view your LeadToolBox business or as an incentive to sign up.

This offer is not provided by LeadToolBox.  This is something that I provide from my years in the business and the business contacts that I have developed.  Here is a list of the vacation incentives that you will receive if you sign up with me at the $40 per month level or above:
  • Multi Vacation Certificate - 3 Day Getaway, 4 Day Mexico, 4 Day Bahamas Cruise and Stay
  • 3 Day 2 Night Vacation Certificate (20 Destinations)
  • 8 Day, 7 Night Vacation Certificate
  • 8 Night Mexico Getaway Certificate
  • $1000 Shopping Spree Certificate
  • $500 Las Vegas Casino Benefits Certificate
  • Discount Golf Membership Certificate
  • $1000 Restaurant Savings Certificate
  • $1000 Grocery Savings Certificate
  • $1000 Automobile Discounts Certificate
  • Recreation Discounts Certificate
  • Two For One Cruise Certificate
  • $500 Pharmacy Discounts Certificate
  • Free Companion Airfare Certificate
  • 7 Day Tropical Vacation Certificate
  • Ultimate Super Savings Certificate
  • $100 Gas Savings Certificate
  • 2 Night Bahamas Cruise Certificate
  • 2 Free Airline Tickets w/Purchase of Hotel Stay Certificate
  • 3 Day, 2 Night All-Inclusive Beachfront Resort Certificate
  • 8 Day Resort Getaway Certificate
  • 3 Day, 2 Night Vacation Certificate (500 Destinations)
  • Legal Discounts Program Certificate
  • Optical Discounts Program Certificate
  • Shopping Discounts Program Certificate
  • Dental Savings Program Certificate
  • Pharmacy Savings Program Certificate
  • 3 Day, 2 Night Vacation Certificate (Multi Destinations)
Again, these will be customized as being courtesy of your replicated website for Lead Tool Box.

Please let me know if you  have any questions.  You can contact me thru my website

I am looking forward to helping you develop a FANTASTIC business.

Lead Tool Box Launches !!

LeadToolBox just launched 1-27-2011.  It is a phenomenal mlm program that includes all of the tools that can help you create massive success with any internet business.

1. Emailing
2. Auto-responder
3. Full-featured contact manager
4. Flat Rate predictive dialer
5. Phone broadcasting as low as .9 cents a minute with 6 second billing
6. Blog creator
7. Webinar education from Bootcamp Webinar including archives
8. Social Media education
9. Video email
10. Text broadcasting
11. List scraper
12. Statistics page
13. My live chat (chat with people while live on your splash pages)
14. Traffic Tracker
15. Video Education Toolbox
16. Appointment Scheduler
17. Directory-O-Matic software
18. Lead capture pages
19. Splash Page creator
20. E-book cover creator
21. Video squeeze page creator
22. Sales page graphics creator
23. Audio Education Toolbox
and more to come...

The cost to get started is $199 one-time only for life cost for getting everything set up plus your monthly plan.  There are several monthly plans: $40, $100, and $229 per month.  The two larger plans include surveyed leads in addition to increased services.

There is also a $20 per month plan with no $199 up front for people that just want to check it out with limited benefits.

The program pays a $50 fast start program to the sponsor on the set-up fees with an additional $20 up four levels above the sponsor, so $130 of the $199 is paid out in bonuses.

In addition to the fast start bonus, there is a monthly residual program based on the monthly subscriptions using points. ($20 subscription = 15 points, $40 subscription = 40 points, $100 subscription = 90 points, $229 subscription =200 points).

It is a binary compensation plan where you earn $50 every time that you accrue 200 points on both the left and right side.  As you can see, this can make for a hefty residual income.

This system can be used to promote any business worldwide, so the market is HUGE!

It is the most complete system available for promoting any business online.

For more information, check out my page at .

When you are ready to get started, just go to and let's make some money!